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The accuracy of the information was like a finely tuned radar...

Michael's reading provided me with such reassurance, such light, such love, such clarity. The accuracy of the information was like a fine tuned radar.Michael you have provided more than just a service, a reading or a healing, but fresh eyes, clarity and an open light heart. Thank you with sincere emotion.

Kirsty. Adelaide Australia.

A very good reading....

Thank you for the reading it was what I needed to know. I had my palms read with someone else a while ago, you both have told me what my path head will look like an I’m looking forward to the future and what lies ahead you have given me clarity a very good reading pretty spot on will let you know what happens .

Mark, Woodcroft.

Pointers given by Mike were bang on....

I just wanted to give some feedback on the insights Mike gave me. In the email you sent you mentioned Melbourne, 24th July and the offer of a free ticket to get there, as being related to sorting my employment problems and life issues.
Subsequently, I was asked to get involved in preparing a research grant for over
$5,000,000, in collaboration with some researchers in Melbourne, to be submitted toan organization in Melbourne, I am living in Perth. We also had to have this submission writtenand finalized by the 24th July. I am not sure about the outcome of the grant yet, but the work I did on it has resulted in a number of outcomes work wise for me.

Last weekend, I was also offered free flights from Perth to Melbourne and accommodation,to attend an important meeting in Melbourne which I would not have been able to attend, due to the cost.

So I just wanted to leave feedback here, as the pointers given by
Mike were very precise, and turned out to be bang on.
None of these things were anticipated or known about by me before I got Mike's input. Thanks Mike,
Timothy. W. A, Australia

He is the best psychic I have seen so far...

Came to see Michael a few days ago.
I was very skeptical at first as all of my previous visits to other psychics did not impress much( I am after specific facts and all I got was general stuff mainly generated by observation and by Tarot cards) Not by the special ability,
Anyway, my session with Michael lasted around 2 hrs I gotta say he’s a
very friendly fella and when you see him first, it’s more likely you won’t notice anything special about him,
except for his haircut 🙂

I came to him to get some information as I was in sort of dead end situation. When I came in,I did not say much about myself, no specific things about my life or anything that can be developed into a thought. To begin the session Michael had to perform a special “tuning in ritual”(it’s when he connects with the spirit), after whichhe told me things that happened 5-7 years ago with me and was spot on.

To guess something like that is just impossible; I was pleasantly surprised that 1 hr drive was not in vain.
He told me things that only I and my family knew. The great thing is, he did not use any tarot cards as most of psychics do. All the information came from a spirit. And he did not ask many questions either, just told me what he saw and felt.
He made a few mistakes during our chat, but maybe the messages from spirit were just interpreted wrongly by him .

Overall I think he does have a gift, and I would recommend him to someone who wants to know whatthey can expect from their life. Through a connection with his spirit he will tell you things that could shock you in a way that “How da **** did you know that? “

I will definitely see him again in future; - he is the best psychic I’ve visited so far. "
Alex. Business owner, Adelaide Au

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him ...

I just had my reading with Mike and it was Amazing.

I am a bit of a skeptic at heart but Mike came recommended to me and I can now see why!
He picked up on things that no one else could know as I am a private person and keep things inside.

He was extremely accurate and answered many things for me that I was unsure of and in two minds about.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody, he is the real deal!

Both him and Sharon made me feel comfortable about
the reading and how it worked, we even had a few laughs in there and it was just like talking to friends,
albeit ones who can read your mind and see things in your future! I feel so much better now and more prepared for my journey. Thanks so much guys, I will return!" Martine, Vic

I find myself ticking off the various events he shared about my future...

" Many readings are nothing more than fishing expeditions, guessing games, or snippets of information fleshed out with basic psychology or the 'gift of the gab.' Little wonder that I now consider myself to be a healthy skeptic who believes that only a small percentage of truly gifted people have the ability to clearly 'see' into our souls; our past, present and future.

Mike is definitely one of these gifted people.

When I treated myself to a reading for my birthday, I intuitively chose Mike and am pleased to report that he is a genuine, compassionate, wildly humorous and gifted soul. He has a unique way of working, shares accurate, quality information and also provides helpful guidance,inspiration and reassurance.

Every so often I read my notes from the reading, and find myself ticking the various events he shared about my future. This has not happened very often in my life and I have never written a testimonial about a psychic reading before.

Keep up the great work Mike.
May you and your beautiful family be continually blessed with abundance in every area of your life."

Blessings Linda x Author, Screenwriter and Marketing Consultant

A Reading that felt right...

"We have been to many psychics over the years. Great to finally have a reading that we were "meant" to have.
Sharon". Station owner, out back South Australia.

I keep coming back...

"I've been to plenty of different psychics but I keep coming back to see Mike because he has such good, positive energy. He also really takes the time to help.

Matt, Aldinga

Very on the money...

Very on the money, very close to what I was feeling and very insightful to my future and I am very excited for what is coming. Thank you very much for helping me connect with my Spirits
Shannen, Adelaide Australia

Very Accurate...

"Michael's reading was very accurate. He showed patience and took the time to "tap in" and confirm that the information he was giving was meaningful. His messages were comforting.
Thank you." Pauline. Newcastle, NSW

Brought through reading with fun and good humour

"I just had a reading with Michael, his guidance was clear and concise.
He brought through all the information from spirit with much love and support.
He also provided much needed healing, Michael brought through the reading with fun and good humor.
Highly Recommend!"
Glenda, Adelaide Australia.

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