Meet Mike

"Life is too short not to have a laugh" ...Mike

Mike doesn't need to use Tarot Cards or other tools. He recieves the answers, insights & information directly from his Spirit Guides who tell him what you need to know.

As you can see Mike is probably not what you'd expect from a serious Psychic Medium.

He's a bit of a character and he loves to make people smile with his weird and wacky hair do's. He has been known to draw smiley faces or crack a "Dad" joke if he sees someone who looks abit frustrated or unhappy. 

He's a doting dad and will go out of his way for his Daughters , step son and new grandson. 

But when it comes to his readings he is very serious about his work and his work speaks for itself through the results he achieves for his clients ( Who he treats as part of the family)

He is very down to earth, funny and compassionate treating each client as special and deserving of his time and attention. 

People who know him well often say something along the lines of;

"Mike is different when he does readings".

This is because when he tunes in - as he calls it- he is tapping into something greater than himself.


Mike made a surprising discovery that changed his life forever...


 Even though Mike was born with  psychic abilities it wasn't until later in life that he realised they were there...

As a young person he worked as a Diesel mechanics assistant, an escort driver, operated earth moving equipment and loaded trucks for a living.

The thing is that many people sought out his advice, counsel and listening skills. They would come to him with their problems and Mike would sit and talk with them. Even better- they would usually leave feeling so much happier, calmer and more confident about their situation.

He often wondered why so many people came to him as he didn't see himself as anything special, but in typical of Mike fashion would always lend a hand to those in need.

What he didn't realize at the time is that he was giving advice that came to him through his hidden from his awareness, psychic abilities. It was because he was so used to it and it felt so normal to him that he didn't realize that anything out of the ordinary was happening.

It was only after becoming aware of his gifts years later that he could see why so many people sought his advice,

It was 19 years ago that Mike started to develop his gifts consciously and made the surprising discovery that he could receive very strong and accurate guidance just by asking for it. His knack for helping people started to make sense.

He is;
• Clairvoyant ( Clear seeing)
• Clair audient ( Clear hearing)
• And Clair cognizant ( Clear knowing)

What this means in real terms is that he is able to receive guidance from beyond the normal 5 senses that usually turns out to be true, accurate & very helpful to people.


Mike is very down to earth and sensible when it comes to working with others so they can feel relaxed and at ease and able to take in the answers that he picks up for them.

Since he discovered his gifts he has helped many, many people get the help, information and answers that they needed to get out of confusion and stress and into clarity and calm. He is confident he can help you too.

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He really cares about his clients so he offers you a specail gaurantee so that you can be confident that you are not waisting your time or money - he doesn't have to do this but he knows what it's like to pay good money for a reading and not take anything useful, helpful or practical away with you.

Mike believes that you should get what you pay for when you see someone with psychic gifts and that is why he offers his Consultation Happiness Guarantee. This is a special guarantee that is fair to both you and Mike.

If you are not happy with the consultation on the day and you don't think the information is accurate and helpful - you don't pay.

Here is how it works. Mike will tune in and start giving you information, after about 10 minutes Mike will stop and ask if the information is making sense to you. If you believe that it is just fluff or if it isn't making sense Mike will stop the reading and you can walk away knowing that it has cost you nothing except 10 minutes of your time.

The thing is that you must tell him that you are not happy so he can stop. Mike get's paid 99.9 % of the time because he is good at what he does. But he wants to take away the risk so you can feel confident, knowing that you won't be wasting your time and money when you have a consultation with him.


If you want....

A strong sense of clarity and peace of mind, answers to your most pressing questions now, to explore new directions in your career, business or life path so you can let go of stress and confusion and begin to thrive. A reading with Mike might be exactly what you need to help you move forward.

Simply fill out the contact form below and click send and we will get back to you, usually within 24 hours. Or if you prefer phone or text. Please also feel free to ask as many questions as you need to.