Is it time for a new perspective?

When your everyday thinking isn't working for you maybe it's time to step outside the box?

Mike a born with the gift Psychic Medium

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

Mike helps you to step out of your everyday thinking , gain new insight and guidance and get the answers you need to move forward.

Mike is a little different but you might be pleasantly surprised by his ability to help you get your life moving in a more positive direction.

If you relate to any of these you have come to the rignt place...

  • You feel a bit lost and out of sink with life, things are just not falling into place for you
  • You are trying to make an important decision about your next steps in life but all you do is go around in circles getting nowhere fast
  • Things are stressful but you can't see your way clear
"Michael’s reading provided me with such reassurance, such light, such love, such clarity. The accuracy of the information was like a fine tuned radar. Michael you have provided more than just a service, a reading or a healing, but fresh eyes, clarity and an open light heart. Thank you with sincere emotion.
Adelaide Australia

Maybe you also want to know...

  • What is the right thing to study? Should I go back and study? What should I study?
  • What is the best career move for me? What is going to be the best direction, what will make me actually look forward to each day? What am I meant to be doing with my life?
  • What business should I create? What is the most lucrative but satisfying path for me?
  • Should I move interstate, go on that trip, when's the best time to sell my house, what's coming up in my future?

The thing is your best life won't happen by accident but sometimes it's really difficult to know your next best steps...especially when you are trying to use your everyday thinking.

The problem with only using your rational mind to figure out the right thing to do is that it can get stuck - like a broken record - endlessly playing out the same old ideas and issues.

That's where Mike can help.

Mike has the ability to tap into information and assistance that comes from beyond your everyday five senses.

And this allows him to give you super helpful, specific information  and assistance, that you can't get on your own.

Pointers given by Mike were bang on.....

"I just wanted to give some feedback on the insights Mike gave me. In the email you sent you mentioned Melbourne, 24th July and the offer of a free ticket to get there, as being related to sorting my employment problems and life issues. Subsequently, I was asked to get involved in preparing a research grant for over $5,000,000, in collaboration with some researchers in Melbourne, to be submitted to an organization in Melbourne, I am living in Perth. We also had to have this submission written and finalized by the 24th July. I am not sure about the outcome of the grant yet, but the work I did on it has resulted in a number of outcomes work wise for me. Last weekend, I was also offered free flights from Perth to Melbourne and accommodation,to attend an important meeting in Melbourne which I would not have been able to attend, due to the cost. So I just wanted to leave feedback here, as the pointers given by Mike were very precise, and turned out to be bang on. None of these things were anticipated or known about by me before I got Mike's input.
W. A, Australia

Let me ask you this- When it comes to moving forward in your life - is your everyday thinking working for you?

Or are you...?

  • Thinking about it, thinking about it, and thinking about it some more but there seems no answer is in sight?
  • Scared to make the wrong choice so you end up doing nothing.
  • Wondering how things can change when you have so many things like finances and family to take into consideration?
  • Doing what you think you should do or other people think is right for you but there are nagging doubts deep down inside you that tell you there is something more.
  • Tossing and turning at night worrying over it?
  • feeling bogged down and ready for a change

There are answers to your questions but sometimes you need something more than just your thoughts and if you are ready to do something about it then you might find just what you need here.

"I gaurantee to give you specific, accurate, hit-the-nail-on-the-head information that you can recognise in the first 15 minutes or we'll stop the reading and you won't pay anything. That way you will be able to tell if what I am giving you is accurate and you won't waist your time and money on airy fairy rubbish- That's my no bullshit gaurantee".... Mike

If you are ready to get off the; "what should I do?" roundabout, and you If you're looking to experience greater, joy, ease, peace, fulfillment and freedom in your life it's as easy as 1.2.3.

  • Simply call or email to make a booking - please note that appointments are essential ( scroll to the bottom of the page for details)
  • Check out the testimonials page to see what Mikes clients have to say about his readings
  • You are very welcome to ask questions if you need to, so feel free to reach out.

I find myself ticking off the various events he shared about my future…

” Many readings are nothing more than fishing expeditions, guessing games, or snippets of information fleshed out with basic psychology or the ‘gift of the gab.’ Little wonder that I now consider myself to be a healthy skeptic who believes that only a small percentage of truly gifted people have the ability to clearly ‘see’ into our souls; our past, present and future.

Mike is definitely one of these gifted people.

When I treated myself to a reading for my birthday, I intuitively chose Mike and am pleased to report that he is a genuine, compassionate, wildly humorous and gifted soul. He has a unique way of working, shares accurate, quality information and also provides helpful guidance,inspiration and reassurance.

Every so often I read my notes from the reading, and find myself ticking the various events he shared about my future. This has not happened very often in my life and I have never written a testimonial about a psychic reading before.

Keep up the great work Mike.
May you and your beautiful family be continually blessed with abundance in every area of your life.”


Linda Summer Author, Screenwriter and Marketing Consultant

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